Believe in Springfield



Paul Palazzolo is running for Mayor because he believes in Springfield.  Paul is a lifelong resident of Sangamon County, and wants to see Springfield continue to be the kind of city that generations of families call home.  

Palazzolo, the current Sangamon County Auditor, has been watching over Sangamon County government for more than 11 years, reducing expenses for taxpayers and improving the county's operations by:

  • Saving more than $10 Million by engineering the county's voluntary severance plan.
  • Examining all bills to be paid by the county, making sure each expediter is justified.
  • Analyzing county finances, maintaining contracts and issuing the annual audit.

 3000740329_1bf468ac85.jpgPAUL'S VISION FOR THE CAPITAL CITY:

GROWTH - Springfield's growth has slowed.  We need to attract more people to live in the City of Springfield.  Growth improves our economy, helps our tax base and makes the city a place to be proud of.

STRENGTH - Springfield is the Capital of Illinois.  Palazzolo will reinvigorate Springfield's civic pride and return our city to what it has been and what it can become.

OPPORTUNITYPalazzolo knows that for Springfield to Grow and be Strong, again, we need to increase opportunity at every level and in every way.



Springfield has always been home
Paul Palazzolo has lived his entire life in Springfield. His parents owned and operated several restaurants on Springfield's north and east sides, including Coutrakon's restaurant in the 1950s. His mother served as an accountant/bookkeeper for several major downtown businesses.
Service & Leadership
Paul graduated from St. Aloysius Grade School and Griffin High School. He learned the values of service and leadership in the Griffin Key Club, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis. He was quickly elected to leadership, paving the way for decades of service through the Kiwanis.
Family Ties
Attending Springfield College in Illinois and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Paul graduated with honors in finance. It was in college that Paul met Suanne Staab, and they married in 1989. Suanne's family also has a long history of service and leadership, operating the Staab Funeral Home and being involved in many community organizations.
Fiscal Responsibility
Paul's first internship was in Illinois Secretary of State Jim Edgar's office. Learning first-hand the nature of effective government service through fiscal responsibility, Paul worked in the governor's office following Edgar's election in 1990. He also worked for the Department of Financial Institutions.
Appointed Sangamon County Auditor in 2002, Paul strengthened his commitment to his home community. He is currently in his third full term, having been elected in 2004, and re-elected in 2008 and 2012. With his background in finance, Paul has also served as treasurer of several organizations, including the Springfield Airport Authority.
He also serves as a leader of local Kiwanis, and was elected as the Kiwanis International President 2009-2010 to coordinate the service efforts of more than 600,000 Kiwanis Family volunteers in more than 80 countries. In this post, Paul met personally with world leaders including Pope Benedict XVI and Taiwan's Vice-President, Vincent Siew. Also as President, Paul led Kiwanis to begin a partnership with UNICEF and actress/spokeswoman Tea Leoni to eliminate maternal/neonatal tetanus and save 60,000 babies every year from dying of this disease.